Other Press/Advance Praise

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.35.01 AM.png032c: “Romance & Power: Natasha Stagg” by Bianca Heuser

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Do it to Yourself: “The Reunion Show” by Dan Allegretto, Al Bedell, Emily Drury

The Guardian: “What is Women’s Writing? Publishing insiders discuss power of female voices” by Sarah Galo

The Glasgow School of Art: “Chris Kraus—The Childlike Life of the Black Tarantula: A 20th Century Fable”

Interview Deutschland: “People of Interview: Natasha Stagg”

Jezebel: “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Thongs” by Jenna Saurs

Longreads: “Inside the Advertising Industry: A Reading List” by Emily Perper

The Nation: “Thomas Struth’s Post-Internet Art” by Barry Schwabsky

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The Paris Review: “The Politics of the Mosh Pit, and Other News” by Dan Piepenbring

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art: 2017 Summer Institute I: Chris Kraus

T Magazine: “One Designer’s Fashion Week Fittings, Illustrated” by Hilary Moss, Kelly Beeman, and Susan Cianciolo

The Times Literary Supplement: “Summer Books” by Sam Byers

Vogue: “The 19 Things We’re Most Excited About Seeing in 2016” by Maya Singer

Yale University Radio: Brainard Carey Interviews Natasha Stagg


Yale University Radio: Brainard Carey Interviews Natasha Stagg Part 2

Advance praise for Surveys:

“The new world is scary, mobile and facile. Hysterical, clear-eyed and radically precise, Surveys is the first real look at the new game of primate society we’ve created for the young. Natasha Stagg is, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter, a truly killer writer.” —Choire Sicha

“Surveys is quick, brutal, and remarkably tender. Stagg’s storytelling swells with uncanny, hyperreal insight.” —Hari Nef

“Surveys is a social tale on the infrastructure of our age. In a period when numbers are feelings and love is a coincidental encounter online, Stagg transfers changes the way we see ourselves and each other; she enlightens us to who we are.” —Petite Meller

Wise, wry levity. I always feel dry and light after reading her work. Which I love.” —Casey Jane Ellison

In Surveys, Natasha Stagg has coolly conjured a precarious and outrageous world built on ephemera and obsession. She is a savage chronicler of fame and identity—a rock and roll feminist version of Warhol in our time.” —Aurelie Sheehan

Images, from top: Photography by Brianna Capozzi, styling by Delphine Danhier for 032c. Art by Kelly Beeman for Maryam Nassir Zadeh/the New York Times.