Music profiles

V magazine:

“I bore myself very easily.” —John Cale

“I don’t think I have to watch what I say more because I’m getting bigger or because my band is getting bigger. Not at all. It’s the opposite. I think I should say more.” —Clementine Creevy

“I imagine people think that X or the Germs were the biggest bands of the time, and those bands have certainly have had a lasting influence, but I think if you asked someone who was around in the early days of punk in L.A., they would be more likely to mention the Weirdos and the Screamers.” —Alice Bag

“I got married really quickly and stupidly, and then very quickly got divorced. It was just a lot of disillusionment.” —Hether Fortune

“Some black metal bands have done some good Danzig covers, Misfits covers. I think of course my favorites are probably the early Metallica ones.” —Glenn Danzig

“My idea was always that I’d never make money from music and I would support that with a writing career, so that when I was done I wouldn’t have to go back to waitressing or something I hated.” —Mish Way

“I’ve been a sarcastic jerk before, asking them if they wanted an autograph, telling them to take a picture or to eat a dick. After a while, coming up with witty responses just got boring.” —Kali Uchis

“Yeah, if you make me fall in love with you, I’m going to write a song about you. If you make me happy I’m going to write a fucking happy song, and if you screw me over I will dis you in a song, and you will never die. You will be in a song, so you will forever know you were a douchebag. Isn’t that scary?” —Bebe Rexha

“I grew up listening to ’90s R&B for real, for real. Not, like, dabbling in it. I was afraid that the trend in 2012 and ’13 was to harken back to that, and I didn’t want to be another person doing that. I didn’t want to cheapen it in any way.” —Rahel

“There’s so many songs about ‘I’m better off without you, I’m stronger, you’re gonna regret this!’ But that’s not usually how you feel afterward.” —Tove Lo

“We met by chance. There were stars out and the light of the moon was glistening… Nah, I met [Juju] at the airport. I stepped to her and I was like, ‘Yo, give me your number.’” —Cam’ron

“I just don’t think falling in love is as popular as it used to be. My parents probably fell in love at a Marvin Gaye show and got married. I’m not meeting my wife at a rap show.” —BJ the Chicago Kid

“The Utopia world brought with it a beautiful space I built in a real 100-year-old temple in the Hollywood Hills. I called it The BubbleGoth HQ.” —Kerli

“I’ll never forget, my fucking agent was like, If you think you’re gonna be the next Elvira type, no one gives a shit. I was like, Fuck you, I’ll make more money at the strip club. Later!” —Dana Wright

“I drove to Burlington because I heard the Smashing Pumpkins were opening up for Pearl Jam—and they were opening for the Chili Peppers—this tiny fucking band from Chicago that I saw in front of 17 people that I knew were my soul mates.” —Melissa Auf Der Maur

“People will tweet me, Oh my gosh, I ate McDonald’s, please don’t hate me!” —Junglepussy

“Raves and MDMA can be seen as the modern-day Woodstock and acid; the trick for an outsider of EDM is to try and see past the BS of substance, scantily clad boys and girls, and the fluffy hype of being part of a pop-culturally relevant scene.” —Krewella

“Being a pop star in Kosovo feels great, but being an English-language pop star must be greater, because you have the opportunity to reflect on many, many, more souls.” —Era Istrefi