Fashion profiles

“At the time, we were really busy and I joked with my team, ‘We can’t take on any new projects right now, but if Marc Jacobs calls…’ and then he did.” —Kate Dwyer

“My shows are about creating a dream world where all of my obsessions come to life onstage. It’s not politically correct, because it’s a sexual fantasy, and they’re exempt from that.” —Dita Von Teese

“The whole dynamic of the international fashion weeks has changed so much since the salon-style presentations when I was born.” —Barbie

“Glenda Bailey’s super into punk rock. She’s seen the Ramones; she’s seen the Clash; she’s seen everybody—I mean, she’s a punk, a true punk.” —Linda Ramone

“It’s not that there is a competition between [The Antwerp Six] right now or even then—it’s a kind of synergy between the different designers.” —Walter Van Beirendonck

“So they divided us up and we said goodbye to each other. Then, after like a half an hour, somebody knocked at my class and it was Filip, who asked if he could sit in my class.” —An Vandevorst

“If Obama would have been like, I want to be President a hundred years ago, he probably wouldn’t have made it. So, it has to be the right time.” —Tim Coppens

“Is there any fashion capital in America? That’s the question.” —Bernhard Wilhelm

Dazed Digital:

“I want to be massmarketed in a way that’s scary. It’s like a Michael Kors bag. Everybody has one of those. But it’s even dumber than that. I want to be Michael Kors, but on purpose.” —Telfar Clemens