Selected Writing

Affidavit: “Bellwether Boots”

Animal Shelter: “Alone at Safeway”

Artforum: “Best of 2016: Patience by Daniel Clowes”

Artnet News: Who Are the Most Influential Artists of the Last Century? 26 Industry Leaders Weigh In”

Berlin Bienniale/Fear of Content: “Trends and their Discontents”

Bookforum: “Fame’s Growing Pains”

Brooklyn Rail:The Nightmare of Participation by Markus Miessen”

Brooklyn Rail:Waking up from the Nightmare of Participation by Nina Valerie Kolowratnik and Markus Miessen”

CR Fashion Book: “For Love of Country”

Brooklyn Rail:My Life in a Column by Tracey Emin”

Dazed & Confused: “Alexandra Marzella”

Dazed & Confused: “Christina Ricci—Beyond Wednesday”

Dazed & Confused: “Coco Gordon Moore—Cool Thing”

Dazed & Confused: “Lana Del Rey—Wild at Heart”

Dazed & Confused: “Marilyn Manson—All-American Nightmare”

Dazed & Confused: “The Path-breaking Piss-taking Legacy of DIS Magazine”

Dazed & Confused: “Telfar Clemens vs. Babak Radboy”

The Destroyer: “Aspiring”

DIS magazine: “Vanessa DisPlaced—Racism vs. Censorship”

E-flux Journal/56th Venice Biennial: “Super Community—Styles and Customs in the 2020s”

Flash Art International: “Press Release”

Have Not: “Barely Fit”

Jacob Kassay collaboration: “Botched Bio”

Logue: “Is Anyone Listening To Me? I Love It”

The Paris Review Daily: “The Reality of People—An Interview With Dian Hanson”

Riot of Perfume: “The Seven Year Itch”

Sex: “My Best Friend in High School”

Spike Art Quarterly: “Cafeteria”

Ssense: “Amina Blue—Diary of an It Girl”

Ssense: “Must-Reads and Must-Haves”

Texte Zur Kunst: “Access Coding”

V magazine: “City of Angels”

V magazine: “Understanding the Link Between Horror and Fashion”