Erhebungen: Roman (Edition Nautilus, 2018)

“This debut novel describes crystal clear and razor sharp the emptiness, the stupidity, and the narcissism in the virtual world and social media.” —Bucchandlung Montag

“Natasha Stagg does not judge: she does not describe the excessive parties, nor the competition for more likes. Whether the narrator can find her happiness in this, the author leaves this assessment to the readers.” —Anne Kohlick for Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“The perfect book for the moment.” —Lydia Herms for Deutschlandfunk Nova

“Since publishing Surveys, a book with pop references and smart thoughts, with Semiotext(e), who is known for Deleuze & Foucault and other French theorists, Natasha Stagg has become somewhat famous herself.” —Frauke Fentloh for Interview Deutschland

“Natasha Stagg writes a very precise language that renounces excessive valuations and instead unflinchingly elaborates the mechanisms of Internet fame and above all, jealousy.” —Jochen Overback for Spiegel

“Accurate and unsentimental.” —Anya Caraway for Tagesspiegel

“The coming-of-age novel for a generation of influencers.” —Markus Weber for W & V